• 10 things to know about OSHA's COVID-19 temporary rule

    Learn more about Oregon OSHA's temporary rule to address the COVID-19 pandemic in all Oregon workplaces.

  • Supporting workers and businesses through coronavirus

    To the workers and businesses on the front lines and to everyone who is slowing the spread of coronavirus and saving lives by staying home: We thank you. We are stronger and safer when we all do our part.

    Coronavirus and workers’ compensation

    Payroll reporting during the pandemic

    Safety and health resources

  • Meet Donna Mask, our newest flu fighter

    As this flu season brings new challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, learn how reducing the spread of one virus could help reduce the spread of the other.

  • Get the coverage you need.

    If you’re an Oregon employer, you most likely need workers’ compensation insurance. There are lots of ways to get covered, including online. Learn more here.

Oregon workers’ comp insurance

Workers’ comp provides benefits for workers who become injured or sick as a result of their work, and it protects employers from legal action arising from a workplace injury or illness. Learn about payments, payroll reporting, filing a claim, and more.

Coronavirus and payroll reporting | Here's what you need to know about reporting payroll for furloughed workers and others during the coronavirus pandemic.

SAIF for small business | Learn about workers' comp and get the coverage you need. There are lots of ways to buy a policy—including online.

Safety and health site | Videos, safety guides, training tools, and other resources on more than 40 different topics

State agencies and public universities |  Classroom trainings specifically designed for our Oregon state partners, including ergo assessor certification. (Registration required.)

Report payroll

You can file a payroll report online.

Just getting started? The State of Oregon's Small Business Advocate helps businesses and nonprofit organizations navigate state and local government and refers them to other supportive resources.



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