Getting back to work

We want to get your injured worker the resources needed to recover and return to an appropriate level of work.

From financial incentives for work modifications to helping transition into a temporary job, there are a number of ways SAIF can help get an injured worker back on the job once a claim has been processed.

Take a look at these resources and give us a call at 800.285.8525 and ask to speak to a return-to-work consultant if you are interested in using them.

Return-to-work programs

If an injured worker cannot return immediately to regular work due to restrictions, SAIF return-to-work consultants will work with you and the treating physician to get the injured worker to a transitional/temporary job. 

Learn more about return-to-work programs.

Employer-at-injury-Program (EAIP)

This program offers financial incentives that may be available to you for modifying and creating productive work for an injured worker. The program is part of the state of Oregon's Workers' Benefit Fund and using it does not affect your premium or claim costs.

Learn more about EAIP.

Vocational assistance

Occasionally an injury prevents a worker from returning to work at your business or any other previous employment. Vocational assistance could help your injured worker get skills for new employment. Call us if you want to know more.

Preferred Worker Program

This State of Oregon program encourages re-employment of qualified Oregon workers who are unable to return to previous work because of permanent disabilities that resulted from on the job injuries. Call and ask for our internal PWP expert.

Learn more about the Preferred Worker Program.



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