Getting back to work

Like you, our primary focus is getting your injured employee the resources needed to recover and to return to an appropriate level of work.

Employer-at-Injury Program (EAIP)

The Employer-at-Injury Program is one of the financial incentives which may be available to you for modifying and creating productive work for an injured worker. The program is funded by the cents-per-hour assessment and is part of the state of Oregon's Workers' Benefit Fund. Using the program does not affect your premium or claim costs. Call us—we can help you through the EAIP process. Learn more about EAIP.

Return-to-work programs

We're committed to helping injured workers return to work as soon as it's medically appropriate. If an injured worker cannot return immediately to regular work due to physical limitations or constraints, SAIF return-to-work consultants will work with you and the treating physician to return the injured worker to a transitional/temporary job. Learn more about return-to-work programs.

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Temporary transitional work

Offering your injured worker temporary transitional work can help create a successful outcome for your worker while reducing your claims costs. Transitional work can be a job completely different from your worker's regular one, or it can simply be a modified version of the regular work the worker was performing at the time of injury.
For detailed information or help with the process of offering transitional work, please contact us—we can help.

Unable to return to suitable employment

Occasionally an injury or occupational disease prevents an injured worker from returning to work with your business. Your worker also may be unable to return to any other type of employment held in the past that pays a suitable wage.

In such a case, vocational assistance may be necessary to provide your injured worker with additional skills needed to obtain suitable employment. Eligibility for these services is based upon the facts of each claim. Some services may be provided for direct placement with a new employer; other workers may require additional skills or formal training in order to return to work. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this program.

Preferred Worker Program

This program was created to encourage the re-employment of qualified Oregon workers with permanent disabilities resulting from on-the-job injuries and who are unable to return to their regular work because of those injuries.

Workers who qualify for the program may apply it to the business that employed them when they were injured or to a new employer. There are benefits an employer can activate directly through this program as well. The state of Oregon's Workers' Benefit Fund also supports this program. Learn more about the Preferred Worker Program.


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