Free trainings

Whether you spend a few minutes online or a few hours in a classroom, our free trainings will make you smart on a range of topics—from preventing workplace injuries to filing and managing a claim.

Videos and online training

Watch videos, interactive trainings, and recorded webinars when and where you want. (No registration required.)


All Classroom trainings have been cancelled thru December 2020. To help with your training needs, check out our Live webinars.

Live webinars

Log on, listen in, and get answers in real time. (Registration required.)


Trainings for SAIF-appointed agents only; many provide continuing education credit hours. (Registration required.) 

State agencies and public universities

Classroom trainings specifically designed for our Oregon state partners, including ergo assessor certification. (Registration required.) 

Agricultural seminars

Our ag seminars will be presented online only in January, February, and March of 2021 due to COVID-19. (Registration required.) 

SAIF Learning Center

Sign up for access to free on-demand trainings customized for your business needs, including automatic tracking and records management. Request accessLog in. (Registration required.)


HR resources for your business

Watch trainings by Barran Liebman attorney Chris Morgan on a variety of HR topics, from recruiting to performance conversations to policy development.  

These organizations offer additional training


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