SAIF's flu fighters on a purple background

It's time to fight flu

COVID isn’t the only dangerous virus around right now. Follow these five tips to help keep your workers and business safe from influenza.

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About SAIF

SAIF is Oregon’s not-for-profit insurance company. Since 1914, we’ve been protecting Oregon employers and employees with exceptional, affordable workers’ comp coverage.

From thousands of small businesses to some of the state’s economic leaders, SAIF covers more than 53,000 policyholders and an estimated 750,000 workers in Oregon.

We’re proud to be leaders in one of the most successful and innovative workers’ comp systems in the nation. Since 1990, claims per 100 workers in Oregon fell by more than 68%, thanks in large part to the safety efforts of employers and insurers like SAIF. During the same period, Oregon’s pure premium rates have also declined 78.8%.

At SAIF, we have a vision to make Oregon the safest and healthiest place to work. And we’re committed to helping Oregonians work better, smarter, and safer for years to come. It’s not just the right thing to do: It’s good for business.

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