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Other states coverage

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Make sure your workers outside Oregon are covered

If you have workers in other states, are they covered if they get injured on the job? SAIF has you covered.

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Do you need coverage in other states?

If you have workers in other states, are they covered if they get injured on the job? Some may be, but some may not.

For workers assigned to work out of state for extended periods of time or permanently, your current coverage may not be adequate, depending on the laws of the other states. Call SAIF or your agent to find out what you need.

What are the benefits of "other states" coverage?

  • You avoid gaps in coverage and uninsured workers. 
  • Safety services are coordinated for you by SAIF.
  • We customize pricing for you.
  • You get your coverage for all eligible states from one source: us.
  • Billing for all your policies is easy.

How to apply

If you need other states coverage—or aren't sure—please contact your agent or call SAIF directly at 800.285.8525.

To qualify for coverage

If you want to be considered for coverage in other states, at least one of these must be true:

  • The employer’s payroll for its Oregon workers exceeds 50% of the employer’s payroll for all workers other than workers in “monopolistic states” (i.e., states that administer their own workers’ compensation benefits, which states include, as of the date of this letter, Washington, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Ohio).
  • You are incorporated in the state of Oregon. 
  • You are headquartered in the state of Oregon.

Note: Other states coverage is a unique benefit of having your Oregon workers' comp policy with SAIF.

About claims

Claims are handled by experienced adjusters from Zurich American Insurance.

Zurich is part of our partnership, along with United States Insurance Services, to take care of your workers in other states.

Learn more about claims processing under other states coverage.

Call us!

Please don't hesitate to contact your agent or call us directly (800.285.8525) for help with coverage in other states.