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Certificate of coverage

Need a certificate of coverage for yourself or a contractor?

Check their coverage

To verify that an employer is insured, visit the Oregon Workers' Compensation Division.

If you're unable to complete a search and have tried checking with the employer, you can contact the Employer Compliance Unit at 503.947.7814.

A certificate of coverage provides proof of insurance for current SAIF policyholders. We can issue a certificate directly to individuals or companies who contract with our policyholders.

How to issue a certificate

As a SAIF-insured employer you can issue a certificate of coverage by logging into Business Online and clicking "certificates" in the menu on the left side of the page. Select "issue certificate" and complete the prompts that appear, including the type of certificate and policy period. You will be asked to provide information on the certificate holder, including an address to which to send the certificate and a description of the job they are performing. A video tutorial is available on the certificates page if you need further assistance.

Find out more about insurance for subcontractors and other nontraditional employees on our coverage details page.


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