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Getting started with SAIF

Workers' compensation insurance (often called "workers' comp") provides benefits for workers who become injured or sick as a result of their work. Employers pay premiums to workers' compensation insurance companies like SAIF, and those premiums pay for most of the benefits workers receive if they are injured or suffer an occupational disease as a result of their work. See our required legal notices for workers' compensation page for the administrative rules and statutes that we are required to notify policyholders each policy year.

Learn more in our workers' comp overview and workers' comp for small business.

Now that we've covered the basics of workers' comp, here are five tips to get started with SAIF:


How to create an account

Creating an online account makes managing your policy easy. You can access all your policy documents and notifications, from invoices to payroll reports to claims, in one place.

Ready to create your SAIF account? Start here or click the green button at the top of your screen.


How to pay your bill

There are multiple ways to pay your workers' comp bill. The most convenient way to pay your bill is online by logging into your account, but you can also pay by mail. The frequency of your payments depends on your policy. 

Learn how workers' comp rates are calculated on our premium and rate overview page or find out more about your SAIF invoice.


How to report payroll

A payroll report is a form that shows wages paid to employees by classification, based on the types of work they perform, over a specified period. A payroll report is completed by an employer and given to SAIF.  

Depending on your policy with SAIF, you may submit payroll reports annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. 

Watch this video for an overview on how to submit your payroll. And read more at saif.com/payroll.


How to submit a claim

SAIF does all we can to help policyholders prevent workplace injuries, but sometimes workers get hurt. When that happens, it's important to report the injury as soon as possible using the 801 form. You can complete and submit the 801 form online by logging in to your account. You can also download the form and send it via email, fax, or postal mail. You can also file over the phone.

This video walks you through how to submit a claim. Find out more at filing and managing a workers' comp claim.


How to prevent injuries

As a SAIF policyholder, you have access to safety and health professionals who are committed to helping you make your workplace as safe and healthy as possible. We also have many online trainings and resources that can help you develop your workplace safety culture. New to safety? Start here.

You can visit our safety and health guide for everything from talking points to safety committee resources guides. To contact your safety and health professional, call 800.285.8525, or email safetyservices@saif.com.


We want to make your transition to SAIF as easy and seamless as possible. Have more questions? We're here for you. Call us at 800.285.8525 or email saifinfo@saif.com.