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Sample workers’ compensation policy

Want to see what a standard workers' comp policy looks like, or learn more about special types of coverage or reporting your payroll? Read on.

The standard workers' comp policy defines your rights and responsibilities under the contract of insurance.

Note: Assigned Risk policies do not participate in the distribution of any dividend declared by the board of directors of SAIF. If you are insured in the Assigned Risk Plan, then Part Six, Paragraph F ("Participation Provision") is not part of your policy.

SAIF endorses your policy to meet your coverage needs. For specific information about your workers' comp coverage, please refer to the policy documents that SAIF has provided to you. It's a good idea to review those documents as soon as you receive them, and let us know if any information needs to be updated. And please remember to notify us of any changes to your business.

More information about coverage details and how to report your payroll is available in the Employer Guide on this website. If you have any additional questions about your policy, please contact your agent or SAIF representative at 800.285.8525, or email us at saifinfo@saif.com

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