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Filing a workers' comp insurance claim

If an employee is injured on the job, filing a claim quickly is important for your employee and business.

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Call us toll free at 1.888.373.8689. If you're calling from Salem, call us at 503.373.8295.

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How to file a claim

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Workplace fatality or serious injury?

Follow these important emergency procedures

How do I file a claim?

Fill out the 801.

If an injury occurs on the job, both you and the injured employee should fill out the claim form, known as the 801 Report of Job Injury or Illness, as soon as possible. If the employee is unavailable, complete as much of the form as possible, leaving the signature line blank and your name in the "completed by" box. Get help filing an 801 form and find more advice on reporting a workplace injury

Submit the 801.

You can download the 801 (English or Spanish) and email, fax, or mail it to the SAIF address on the form. You and the injured worker should both keep a copy of the completed form. To order multiple copies of the 801 form, complete our online order form. Legally, you have up to five days from the time of injury to submit, but timely reporting benefits everyone

Filing a claim

What happens next?

Once SAIF has received the 801 form, you will hear from a member of our claims division if further information is required. If you have questions, give us a call at 800.285.8525. Our claims division is filled with experts ready to manage claims and help workers obtain benefits, keep them informed about their claim, and help get them back to work as soon as possible. If a claim is denied, the adjuster will provide the worker with an explanation. 

We can help you support your injured worker in a number of ways, from explaining injured worker benefits, to assisting with forms, to selecting programs that help them get back to work.

What’s covered?

For most accepted work-related injuries, workers' compensation insurance pays for medical treatment related to the accepted condition and lost wages beyond the first three days (if approved by an authorized provider). Workers don't pay premiums, co-payments, or deductibles. Injured workers also may be entitled to payments for permanent disability, travel expenses to seek treatment for the accepted condition, reinstatement to their former job or, if necessary, vocational assistance.

Preventing fraud

Preventing workers’ compensation fraud helps us keep rates low, and that's good for employers, workers, and all Oregonians. Learn more about preventing fraud.

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