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Return-to-work programs

SAIF is committed to helping injured workers return to work when they are ready.

A successful return-to-work program helps the worker get back to work when they are ready. We encourage any Oregon employer who has employees to have a return-to-work program. It encourages workers to participate in the process, enhancing their awareness of safety and their responsibility in their recovery. Here's a sample return-to-work policy.

Program benefits

  • Lower medical costs. The injured worker heals faster, shortening the time medical treatment is required.
  • Lower legal costs. Workers are less likely to feel their rights have been violated causing them to hire legal counsel.
  • Lower premium. Cost reductions resulting from return-to-work programs can impact your workers' comp premium rate.

The return-to-work process

We can help you make an injured worker's transition back to work a positive experience.  Here's the process in four basic steps-let us know if we can help you through them:

  1. Find a transitional/temporary job that fits the injury 

    Use your Release to Return-to-Work form (3245) to determine the physician's work restrictions. Then identify a job within those restrictions. Your worker can use this form to keep you updated on their restrictions after each medical appointment.

  2. Write a description of the transitional job

    Using the job description form, identify the physical requirements of the position and send the description to the treating physician. Stay in touch with the physician until you get approval.

  3. Review the job description with the injured worker

    Call the injured worker, go over the job description and duties, and sign the job offer letter. Make sure the work restrictions are clear to the worker and supervisors.

  4. Stay in touch with SAIF

    Let your claims adjuster or consultant know:

    • When the worker returns to work
    • If the worker refuses the modified work or fails to report to work on the start date
    • If the work available for the worker is less than specified by the job offer letter

Send a copy of the physician's release, the approved job description, your written job offer, and certified receipts to the SAIF claims adjuster and/or return-to-work consultant.