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Skin cancer fact sheet [PDF]
Learn about skin cancer and the steps you can take to prevent it.

Coronavirus safety and health
Learn ways to keep workers and workplaces safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Stay safe in your home office
Refer to these resources for staying safe in your home office.

Leadership series
This training series helps leaders at all levels learn the building blocks that support safety culture and boost employee involvement.

Steering toward total driver safety [PDF]
This handout uses a hierarchy of controls for driver safety that provides suggestions for ways to prevent vehicle-related incidents.

Driver safety program checklist [PDF]
A handy checklist to evaluate your driver safety program that includes training, vehicle selection and maintenance, and organization-level policies and programs.

Ergopoint® by Humantech® for office ergonomics assessments
SAIF policyholders can use this resource to evaluate their office workstations to ensure neutral postures.


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Avoid over reaching with this quick ladder safety tip.
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