Be a leader

Creating an injury-free workplace takes everyone working together in a positive and supportive environment. Browse these resources to find out how to establish a safety committee, practice safety leadership, identify hazards, respond to accidents, and more.

Accident/incident analysis | What to do when an accident occurs

Employee policy | Creating a safe workplace is not only required, it's good business.

Hazard identification | Eliminate unsafe practices before someone gets hurt.

Integrating health and safety | Explore these Total Worker Health® tools for making it happen. 

Recordkeeping | Follow the rules and comply with retention periods.

Safety committees | How to get the most from your meetings

Safety and health talks | A years' worth of safety topics in a quick discussion format

Supervisors guide | A comprehensive guide to safety communication, training, and accountability

Leadership series |  This training series will help leaders at all levels learn the building blocks that support safety culture and boost employee involvement.


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