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New to safety? Start here

We have assembled a list of resources to help you get grounded in your new role, including places to get information you need to start and sustain a robust safety program.

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Start with SAIF

We may be just a little biased, but we think we have links to everything you need on our saif.com webpages. 

Our safety and health guide has links to training opportunities, a video library, and a list of topics. Click on topics and look for the Be a leader section, which has everything you need to be successful in a safety role.  

OR-OSHA essentials

OR OSHA is the safety regulator for our state. It's also a great source for training and has a wealth of fact sheets and publications offering guidance on numerous workplace safety topics. Find out more.

Beyond compliance

There are lots of other resources for those looking to learn more about safety and health. We have put together some of our favorites:

For more on this topic, visit saif.com/bealeader.