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Employees are increasingly at risk from wildfires and the smoke they produce. This page provides resources to help your organization prepare and manage wildfire risk.

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about wildfires and firefighting. Start here:

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How to deal with smoke from Oregon wildfires

Smoke from Oregon wildfires can have a major impact on your business and your employees. Here's what you can do to minimize the effects of wildfire smoke.

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Prepare your business for wildfire season 
This handout provides guidance for protecting your workers and your business from wildfire smoke exposure.

Fire, smoke, and air quality map (Oregon Department of Environmental Quality)

Wildfires and smoke - Get prepared (Oregon Health Authority)

Wildfire smoke and your health (Oregon Health Authority)
This handout includes strategies for limiting exposure to wildfire smoke along with several frequently asked questions on the topic.

Using visibility and the 5-3-1 index to estimate health effects of smoke (Oregon Department of Environmental Quality)