Video can be an effective resource for enhancing the safety training you provide to your workers. We encourage you to take advantage of these valuable tools.

Video library

3 is key: Safe entry and exit

This short video includes best practices for safely entering and exiting large vehicles.
2 minutes

Supporting materials

3 is key handout (Spanish)
3 is key poster (Spanish)

5 to stay alive: Assembling an emergency response kit

Gathering the supplies you’ll need in an emergency doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with these five essentials—for work, home, car, and school—then expand on your kits as time allows.
3 minutes

Play individual segments:
At work (0:40)
At home (0:40)
In your car (0:40)
At school (0:40)

Supporting materials

Print emergency essentials lists

Belt buckle rule

Avoid over reaching with this quick ladder safety tip.
1 minute

Farm shop safety: Improving your odds

What do poker and farming have in common? Find out as we explore seven common problem areas around the typical farm shop, while learning to prevent injuries and improve safety.
10 minutes

How to use a chainsaw safely

From sizing up the job to preventing kickback, this video covers the basics of chainsaw safety both on and off the job.
7 minutes

For more information, go to: Logging safety

How to use an orchard ladder safely

Stay safe on orchard ladders by following the tips in this short video.
5 minutes

Kitchen safety showdown

Chefs compete to see who’s got the chops when it comes to restaurant safety. Learn how to avoid common kitchen injuries, including burns and cuts, muscle strains and falls, and hazardous chemicals and equipment.
14 minutes

Supporting materials

Restaurant and kitchen safety tips [Spanish]

Posters (11 x 17):
Burns [Spanish]
Chemical exposures [Spanish]
Cuts [Spanish]
Equipment/electrical accidents [Spanish]
Strains and sprains [Spanish]
Slips, trips and falls [Spanish]

Kitchen safety game:
Do you have what it takes to defeat the champ? Play our game and find out. [Spanish]

For more info, go to https://www.saif.com/kitchensafety

Life on mute: hearing loss

Great examples of how hearing loss impacts lives both at work and at home.
2 minutes

Play individual segments:
Tense rendezvous  (1:02)
Inaudible entertainment (:56)

Logging Safety

Loggers are tough. But being tough won't get them through the day. Being safe will.
7 minutes

Mapping your Total Worker Health® journey

This interactive eLearning module breaks down the steps for integrating health and safety at your organization. Watch success stories and practice the process for yourself.
60 minutes

Supporting materials


Office Ergonomics: Simple solutions for comfort and safety

Having the right ergonomic equipment helps. But you don't have to spend a fortune. This video series shows how you can make small changes that can have a big impact on your comfort and safety.
13 minutes

Relaxation break

Feel like you need a break? These short, peaceful videos give you the serenity you need in only about a minute. Just sit back, click, and relax.
5 minutes

Play individual segments
The beach (0:52)
The duck pond (0:58) 
Kayaking (0:57)
Just breathe (0:49)
Jellyfish (1:01)
Hiking (0:58)
The aquarium (1:00)

Serious injuries and fatalities

Losing a co-worker is something nobody wants to think about, but preventing serious injuries and fatalities in the workplace is a team effort. Watch this video to learn more about serious injuries and fatalities, and steps you can take to prevent them.

Strengthen and lengthen

Learn seven simple exercises to improve core strength and muscle tone and reduce your risk of injury. It only takes a few minutes before work or during breaks. (2016)
6 minutes

Supporting materials

Poster | Improve core strength and muscle tone with these active exercises.
[English] 11x17 | 8.5x11
[Spanish] 11x17 | 8.5x11

Tractor safety elements

A significant percentage of agricultural injuries and fatalities occur on and around tractors. This video covers the nine important safety elements that Oregon OSHA requires every ag employer to review with their tractor drivers at least annually. Safety issues unique to the equipment and work environment are also discussed (2011).
12 minutes

Understanding ATV Stability

ATVs have become useful tools to increase productivity on Oregon farms, but they are powerful and potentially dangerous vehicles. This video demonstrates active riding techniques to improve ATV stability and provides practical safety tips to reduce injuries. (2012).
11 minutes

Supporting materials

ATV Training guide (Spanish)