Chemical and other health hazards

Browse these resources for information on how to identify and protect workers from hazards, including chemicals, noise, airborne contaminants, and more.

Biological and physical | Facts and advice for dealing with anthrax, bloodborne pathogens, mold, radiation, and more

Chemicals and materials | Health effects of various substances and recomendations for safe storage and handling in any industry

Hazard communication/GHS | The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) provides a consistent criteria for classifying and labeling chemicals. Find out how it impacts you.

Indoor air quality | Learn about common complaints and find investigative tools.

Noise/hearing protection | What's too loud? How do you properly fir earplugs? Get answers here, and more.

Operational hazards | Information about hazards related to abrasive blasting, laboratories, nanotechnology, spray finishing, and more.

Respiratory Protection | Protect workers from air contaminants, including choosing and using the right respirator for the job.


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