Promote health

What’s health got to do with workplace safety? Browse these topics to learn how illness, stress, and lack of sleep impact worker safety and productivity—and what you can do to change it.

Tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs | When, why, and how a workplace should intervene.   

Nutrition | How can you support employees who want to make healthy food choices?

Hydration| Learn how adequate hydration improves a workforce and supports employees.

Fatigue, sleep, and shift work | How do workplace policies and designs contribute to fatigue? Why is sleep so important?  

Stress in the workplace | Learn what causes job stress and what you can do about it.

Physical activity | From stretchin' to steppin' why it matters and how to build it into the day.  

Sun protection | Prevent skin damage and lower your cancer risk.

Infectious disease | Is your workplace ready for flu season?

Ready to integrate health and safety? Explore these Total Worker Health® tools for making it happen. On this page you will find resources for getting started, measuring your progress, and taking the lead on preventing injuries by promoting health.


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