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Heat/cold stress

When the weather’s too hot or cold, workers can suffer. Browse these resources to find information on how to prevent temperature-related injuries and illnesses.


Heat illness prevention plan template [Spanish]
This word document can be customized for any employer and helps businesses comply with Oregon OSHA’s heat illness rule.

Working safely in heat  (Spanish)
A 10 minute safety talk for employees 

Protect your team from heat illness
This handout will help employers prepare to protect their workers from extreme heat events.

Heat exhaustion vs. heat stroke: Learn the symptoms [Spanish] [Poster] [Poster/Spanish]
This handout and poster offer a side-by-side comparison of two heat illnesses and the appropriate response for each one.

Heat rule quick reference card  [Spanish]
Actions to take when the heat index hits 80 degrees and when it hits 90 degrees.

OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App | NIOSH | CDC
Download this app to monitor the heat index in your area.

Protect your workers from heat and humidity (OSHA) [Spanish]
Explains how to use the heat index to determine when extra precautions are needed.  

Protect your workers from heat stress (infographic) (CDC) 
A quick visual guide to help you prepare for working in hot weather.

Protecting Workers from Heat Illness (OSHA/NIOSH)
This Info Sheet outlines measures employers should take to prevent heat-related illnesses and death.

Protecting yourself from Cold Stress (OSHA/NIOSH)
Fast facts sheet outlining the dangers for workers who are exposed to extreme cold or work in cold environments.

For information on heat stress related to the sun, see the Sun safety page.

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