• Getting reimbursed

    You can request reimbursement for some expenses related to your workplace injury. | Learn more

  • What your claim status means

    Find out what “deferred,” “accepted,” “denied,” and “closed” are, and when we use them.

  • Payments for lost wages

    If you miss work because of an injury, you may be eligible to get paid for the wages you lose.

Oregon workers’ comp

With safety and payment info, a claim process explanation, and more. You also can access MyClaim, our secure app with basic claim data, payment history, forms, and other claim docs. Looking for your adjuster's number or email? Just call us at 800.285.8525.

Claims evaluation | This page helps you sort out a complex process.


Referrals | Fill out a referral notice so we can help speed up the process.

Servicios en español | Esta guía, también en español, puede ayudar a los trabajadores que han sufrido una lesión laboral.

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