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As part of your treatment, your doctor may refer you to another provider or request a specific test be done. If that happens, we strongly recommend you send your adjuster a referral notice.

Complete the referral notice, or call your adjuster to discuss the referral. 

Your role

Because the workers' comp system can be complex and there are sometimes many organizations involved, we often don't get information as quickly as we would like. You can help get results by being proactive and communicating with your adjuster frequently. 

Why the "referral notice" is important

If we know about a referral, your adjuster can:

  • Help facilitate the process
  • Explain what is happening
  • Estimate when it might be approved
  • Contact providers on your behalf
  • Inform you about any tasks related to the referral that you need to complete

It's important to check in with us about all referrals, but especially physical therapy, surgery, diagnostics, and durable medical equipment (DME).

Don't hesitate to contact your adjuster if you haven't received a recent update about your referral.

Referral approval

The time it takes to receive and approve a referral is often hard to estimate and can vary depending on:

  • Your claim status
  • The accepted condition
  • The type of referral
  • What MCO you are in (your MCO may need to be involved in the process)
  • The provider who prescribed it