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Workers' comp for homecare and personal support workers

Homecare workers and personal support workers are eligible for workers’ comp coverage for injuries that occur on the job. The Oregon Home Care Commission facilitates filing workers’ comp claims. SAIF is your workers’ comp insurance carrier.

Filing a claim

If you are employed as an Oregon homecare worker or personal support worker and you are injured while performing your duties, you may file a workers’ compensation claim. The following simple steps will ensure that your claim is processed correctly.

  1. Tell your consumer/employer right away that you were injured while working in his or her home.
  2. Contact the Oregon Home Care Commission (OHCC) workers’ compensation coordinator at 888.365.0001 or 503.378.3099 (Salem).
  3. Tell the representative that you're a homecare worker or personal support worker and want to file a claim.
  4. If you seek medical treatment for your work injury, tell the doctor you were hurt on the job. Ask for and complete Form 827 (identify yourself as a homecare worker or personal support worker on this form).

To learn more about what to do if you’re injured on the job, download the Oregon homecare worker handout.

If you cannot reach the administrator at the above number, call SAIF at 800.285.8525 and ask us to mail you an 801 claim form, or download it (English or Spanish). Identify yourself as a homecare worker or personal support worker on this form and return the completed form to:

400 High Street SE
Salem, OR 97306

To protect your rights and help process your claim:

  • Report any work injury immediately.
  • Respond quickly to phone calls and letters from the OHCC workers’ compensation coordinator and SAIF requesting information.
  • Complete and return Form 801.
  • Sign the medical release form so medical information about your injury can be gathered to process your claim.
  • Cooperate with efforts by SAIF and the OHCC to return you to a transitional job if you are unable to perform your normally assigned tasks. 


Filing a claim does not automatically qualify you for workers' compensation benefits.