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Your SAIF team

Although your claims adjuster is your main point of contact, the adjuster works with a small team of SAIF staff that specializes in different aspects of a claim. They include nurse consultants, interpretive services, return-to-work consultants, and vocational coordinators.

The most important action you can take is to communicate with your adjuster frequently. Call or email if you have a question about the claim process, about something you received in the mail, about the status of a referral, what bills to pay, or anything else.

Log in to MyClaim to find out which SAIF adjuster is assigned to your claim.

The best way our team can help you is if they have all of the latest information about your claim. So please complete and return forms quickly and let your adjuster know about appointments for treatment or a change in your work status.

Why your adjuster might change

To help best serve you, we sometimes change the adjuster assigned to your claim.

The most common reasons for doing this are a change in your claim status (such as from "deferred" to "accepted") or if a specialty adjuster is needed to help with your claim.

If your adjuster changes, all the history and information about your claim is transferred to your new adjuster. If necessary, the adjusters will contact you to discuss any unique circumstances about your claim or any outstanding questions.