Fatal claims

Fatal injuries are devastating for family members, co-workers, and workplaces. SAIF has experienced teams dedicated exclusively to these claims. Our critical claims team works directly with the families and employers of workers fatally injured on the job.

Fatal claim benefits

When a worker is fatally injured on the job, a critical claims team adjuster will evaluate the eligibility of the worker's beneficiaries for benefits, according to the law. 

These benefits may include a burial allowance and monthly payments to eligible beneficiaries once compensability is determined.

The fatal claim process

  • An 801 form must be filed.
  • A member of the SAIF critical claims team is assigned to the claim. The adjuster will:
    • Make contact with family and employer
    • Investigate the claim
    • Gather beneficiary information by sending out a "Claim for survivor benefits" form, which requires notarization
    • Request supporting documentation from the beneficiary
    • Notify all the parties involved when a decision has been made