Agricultural safety seminars

We appreciate your interest in ag safety. Registration for the 2021-2022 seminars is now open.

For more than 25 years, thousands of farm owners, managers, and workers have attended SAIF's agricultural safety seminars, learning how to be safe in one of the most hazardous industries.

Ordinarily we hold them all over the state. This year, though, will be a little different. The 2021-22 ag seminar season will be held via webinars rather than in-person classes. The webinars will be split into two sessions that are two hours long instead of all four at once like we usually do.

Although the seminars are designed for owners, operators, supervisors, and foremen, anyone working in the agricultural industry is welcome to attend. Small agricultural employers who attend all four hours of the webinars will meet one of the four requirements that exempt small ag operations from random OSHA inspections.

And be sure to check out the helpful information on our ag safety page.

Using communication skills on the family farm 

Interpersonal issues are a lot like weeds - they don't go away unless you root them out and, if left alone, they can choke out the crop. This hour we focus on ways to use healthy communication skills to effectively build communication between those on the farm - whether as a farm owner or as a farm worker. By communicating effectively, we can improve self-worth, avoid conflict and other misunderstandings, and mend bridges, as well as promote overall 'community' on our farms.         

Every farmer is a firefighter

Farmers wear many hats - engineer, mechanic, meteorologist, scientist. But inevitably at some point every farmer will find themselves wearing the hat of a firefighter. This hour focuses on fire prevention inside your shop and building, and in the fields and surrounding areas of your farm. We also discuss techniques and best practices for safely fighting the blaze you may someday encounter.    

Ag hacks 2.0 | And introducing ag myth busters!

Last year we presented various ag hacks that provide simple and safe innovative solutions that could save you time as well as streamline various work processes on your farm. Are you interested in seeing more? Welcome to Ag hacks 2.0! During this hour we bring you more ag hacks and introduce you to our newest addition: ag myth busters.     

After the ambulance leaves

Catastrophe has struck. An employee, co-worker, family member, or friend has been seriously injured on the farm. First aid was given, emergency services arrived, and the injured party is on their way to the hospital. Now what? This hour focuses on the aftermath of a serious injury on your farm, including the immediate actions you need to take and what the coming hours, days, weeks, and beyond can hold for all involved. 

Eric Lloyd (English Sessions)

is a safety consultant with Oregon Risk Management Solutions, Inc. His exposure to safety and agriculture began at an early age, when he spent summers working on the family ranch in Idaho and watching his father provide training and consulting services to promote ag safety throughout Oregon. Eric earned a degree in criminal justice from Western Oregon University, and served in law enforcement for several years until being drawn back to his roots and joining the family business in 2016.

Wes Koester (English Sessions)

is a SAIF senior safety management consultant living and working in the Willamette Valley area. He grew up working in his family's farm and nursery business in Riddle, Oregon. Wes graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. Over the past five years, he's helped both farms and businesses with their overall safety compliance by providing over 1,100 on-site walk-through inspections to proactively assist them with their safety needs.

Edgard García-Ramírez (Spanish Sessions)

is a native of Nicaragua. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Lewis & Clark College in Hispanic studies and Spanish literature and is a member of the Board of Alumni of the college. Edgard has been a Spanish presenter for the seminars since 2003. He joined SAIF as a full-time translator in 2014.

Courtney Merriott (Spanish Sessions)

is a SAIF senior safety management consultant who grew up in Willamette Valley wine country. She spent many years working in food production with a focus on locally-grown ingredients. While earning a bachelor's degree in Spanish foreign language and literature from Oregon State University, she travelled to Mexico and Ecuador. Prior to SAIF she spent two years living abroad and teaching in Spain.

Omar DeMarco (Spanish Sessions)

is a bilingual SAIF safety consultant. He is new to the world of occupational safety, having spent the eight years before coming to SAIF as a police officer, and before that he was an elementary school teacher. Omar earned a bachelor's degree from Oregon State University in psychology and a master's degree from Willamette University in teaching. He's excited to be joining the annual Ag Seminars. 

See the Resources tab for recorded sessions.

See the Resources tab for recorded sessions.

2021-2022 ag safety seminar resources

The book: SAIF agricultural safety seminars 2021-2022 book | Spanish book

Recorded Sessions:

English Ag seminar – day 1
English Ag  seminar - day 2

Spanish Ag seminar – day 1
Spanish Ag seminar - day 2

Using communication skills on the family farm

Communication: the bedrock of leadership: English | Spanish
Challenging conversations: a strategy for tough talks: English | Spanish 
Supportive supervision: techniques for being a great leader: English | Spanish

Every farmer is a firefighter

Fire extinguisher safety | Safety talk
Fire extinguisher P.A.S.S. method poster
Air quality in your area

Oregon OSHA rules on wildfire smoke
Rulemaking to Protect Employees from Unhealthy Levels of Wildfire Smoke 

Defensible space zones
English: Defensible Space - Ready for Wildfire | Spanish: Espacio Defendible - Ready for Wildfire

Video resources
English: Farm shop safety: Improving your odds | Spanish 

Tractor safety elements
English: Farm Safety Education & Tractor Safety Tips | SAIF | Spanish

Ag hacks 2.0...and introducing ag myth busters! 

Heat illness prevention temporary rule - key requirements | Spanish
Irrigation safety | Spanish
Heat stress resources from Oregon OSHA 

Additional resources and cool tools

Hay bale safety: Guide | Spanish
Hay bale safety: Safety talk | Spanish
Branding safety checklist: Guide | Spanish
Branding safety: Safety talk | Spanish
Livestock vaccination and shot safety: Guide | Spanish
Livestock vaccination and shot safety: Safety talk | Spanish
Pesticide safety: Guide | Spanish
Pesticide safety: Safety talk | Spanish
Off-road UTV safety: Guide | Spanish
Off-road UTV safety: Safety talk | Spanish
Supportive supervision | Spanish

How to build a low-cost air filter | Spanish 
Easy-on wireless taillights 
Flexi-Freeze Ice Vest 
Kestrel Drop 

After the ambulance leaves

Resources from last year

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