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Office ergonomics assessor training

Ergonomics tip sheets

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Contact Kristie Marecek, state agency operations assistant, at krimar@saif.com.

For more information on office ergonomics, please check out our Ergonomics page on saif.com.

Registration is required as seating is limited. Requires supervisor approval.

You can download this ergonomics assessor worksheet, which includes detailed instructions for conducting a workstation evaluation. 

If you’ve been interested in learning how to adjust your own workstation, and those of your colleagues, to reduce discomfort and fatigue, then this is the class for you. You learn various methods to fit office workstations to individual employees’ needs. Following the class, you are expected to complete and submit three office ergonomic assessments within 30 days to SAIF to receive your certification.

To register, click the date of the session below or call 503.373.8107. For more information, email ergocert@saif.com. You will receive registration confirmation with the location address  approximately one week prior to the seminar.