Workers' comp payroll reporting

Accurately reporting your payroll can save you time and money. And the information on these pages can help you.

Payments and payroll reporting | Need help paying your bill online or submitting a payroll report? Check out these easy-to-follow instructions.

Verifiable time records | Use these to separate payroll for employees eligible for more than one classification. Link includes a sample and summary form.

Premium Audit | Verifiable time records, classifications, "subject" workers-reporting your payroll can be tricky. Our main goal is to ensure that your report is accurate, and sometimes a premium audit can help.

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There's a lot to know in order to submit an accurate payroll report-starting with whom to report, what to report, and classification procedures.

If you have questions at any point along the way, please contact your agent, call us at 800.285.8525, or email us at

File a payroll report

File your payroll reports online. Just go to the home page of this Employer Guide and select File a Payroll Report (on the right of your screen).