Making workers’ comp easy

3 things you can do online to save time, work safe, and get smart.

posted January 20, 2017

3 things you can do online to save time, work safe, and get smart.

Contrary to popular belief, we don't like paperwork any more than you do. Which is why we love it when our customers use our online resources (Business Online and to get their workers' comp tasks done.

Business Online

This is our secure application for policyholders (agents, medical providers, and injured workers have their own versions).

Think of Business Online as a toolbox for your workers' comp policy—only virtual. You can use it to complete these tasks (among others):

  • Report payroll | Click "Report Payroll," then "Submit Report," then fill in your payroll information and the required fields and select "Submit."
  • Pay your bill | Click "Pay Online," then "Make a Payment," then select the amount to pay and click "Continue." You'll be sent to US Bank's website to complete the payment.
  • File a claim | Click "Submit a Claim," then "Claim Entry," then fill out all required steps and select "Submit."
  • View policy details | Click "Policyholder Profile," then "Summary."
  • View claim details | Click "Claim Profile," then "Detail," then enter a claim number.

Visit to register or log on to Business Online. If you're new to the system, we have tips and short videos to walk you through the basics. (Go to > Employer guide > Reporting payroll > Payment and payroll help.)

It's so easy you'll wonder why you didn't sign up sooner. (Could it be that you secretly like paperwork?)

Safety and health info

Wouldn't life—and by "life" we mean workers' comp insurance—be a lot easier if workers never got hurt to begin with?

That's the whole point of our safety and health resources. And, knowing you, you've already figured out that we put these helpful tools online—posters, videos, fact sheets, links to other experts, and a bunch more. You'll find them organized into dozens of handy categories, from accident/incident analysis to welding.

It's part of our goal to make Oregon the safest and healthiest state. To make your workplace safer and healthier, go to > Safety and health.

Expert trainings

Now that it's the 21st century and flying cars are real, you'd think online trainings—such as injury prevention—would be as common as kitten videos.

We agree. So we're constantly expanding the number of on-demand trainings and live webinars we offer on (Because we're people people, we also provide in-person trainings for employers and workers around the state.) Online or in your area, our trainings are always free.

To see all the options available, go to > Employer Guide > Trainings.

And, to get handy tips like these sent directly to you, sign up today for our email.


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