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Employer-at-Injury Program

The Employer-at-Injury Program (EAIP) is a program that offers financial incentives for employers and injured workers.

How and when to apply

Requests must be submitted using SAIF's reimbursement request forms:

Find them on our forms page or by calling 800.285.8525, ext. 8652.

EAIP encourages employers to help their injured workers return to transitional work within their restrictions prior to closure of a claim by offering financial incentives.

Funded by the state of Oregon's Workers' Benefit Fund, EAIP is voluntarily activated by the employer and it does not negatively affect premium or claim costs. The insurer responsible for the claim (SAIF) administers the program and requests reimbursement from the Department of Consumer and Business Services.

EAIP specialists partner with return-to-work consultants to help you get medical releases, identify work, and access benefits. Call us if you're interested in this program at 800.285.8525, ext. 8652.

Find more details and access request forms for all types of assistance listed below in our Fast Facts sheet.

Types of assistance

Wage subsidy

Worksite modification | List of ideas

Tools and equipment

Tuition, books, fees, and materials



The employer must:
  • Have Oregon workers' compensation insurance
  • Be the employer of the injured worker when the injury occurred
  • Employ an eligible worker
The worker must:
  • Have an Oregon workers' compensation injury or occupational disease claim at the time of requesting assistance