Annual ag safety seminars will begin as online webinars

Four new topics are on the agenda; first seminars are mid-November.

SAIF is offering its agriculture safety seminars once again this fall and winter.

The 2021-22 season will start with online webinars on November 16 and 17, rather than in-person classes. Seminars normally include four hours of content; these webinars will be split into two sessions, each two hours long. The format for the sessions in early 2022 will be determined in December.

The topics for 2021-22: 

  • Using communication skills on the family farm
    Interpersonal issues are a lot like weeds – they don’t go away unless you root them out and, if left alone, they can choke out the crop. This hour we focus on ways to use healthy communication skills to effectively build communication between those on the farm – whether as a farm owner or as a farm worker. By communicating effectively, we can improve self-worth, avoid conflict and other misunderstandings, and mend bridges, as well as promote overall ‘community’ on our farms.     

  • Every farmer is a firefighter
    Farmers wear many hats – engineer, mechanic, meteorologist, scientist. But at some point every farmer will find themselves wearing the hat of a firefighter. This hour focuses on fire prevention inside your shop and building, and in the fields and surrounding areas of your farm. We also discuss techniques and best practices for safely fighting the blaze you may someday encounter.

  • Ag hacks 2.0 | And introducing ag myth busters!
    Last year we presented various ag hacks that provide simple and safe innovative solutions that could save you time as well as streamline various work processes on your farm. Are you interested in seeing more? Welcome to Ag hacks 2.0! During this hour we bring you more ag hacks and introduce you to our newest addition: ag myth busters. 

  • After the ambulance leaves
    Catastrophe has struck. An employee, co-worker, family member, or friend has been seriously injured on the farm. First aid was given, emergency services arrived, and the injured party is on their way to the hospital. Now what? This hour focuses on the aftermath of a serious injury on your farm, including the immediate actions you need to take and what the coming hours, days, weeks, and beyond can hold for all involved.

If in-person seminars are held in 2022, they will be offered in cities and towns around the state. Some will be presented entirely in Spanish. We'll update the schedule on the ag seminar web page in December.

Please note: If you’re watching in a group, only one of you needs to sign up. At the end of the second day, please email a list of everyone who attended to Mandy at mandun@saif.com.

Seminar details
The seminars are designed primarily for people working in agriculture, but are open to anyone interested in ag safety and health -- they don't have to be insured by SAIF.

Employers with small ag businesses who watch the four hours of webinars will meet OSHA's instructional requirement. It’s one of four requirements that exempt small agricultural operations from random OSHA inspections.

Three hours of technical and one hour of business continuing education credits are available from the Landscape Contractors Board.

Four regular producer continuing education credit hours for licensed insurance agents are approved by the Department of Consumer and Business Services.

View the webinar schedule or register at saif.com/agseminars. You can also register by calling 800.285.8525.