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Workers’ Compensation Division informs workers of their rights regarding workplace exposure to COVID-19

Workers have a right to file for workers’ compensation for COVID-19.

A new flyer published Nov. 12 by the Workers' Compensation Division (WCD) informs workers in Oregon that they have the right to file for workers' compensation for COVID-19.

The flyer says “workers who have been quarantined or isolated due to a workplace exposure or have contracted COVID-19 in the workplace may be entitled to have their lost wages and medical expenses covered by their employer's workers' compensation insurance.”

Also covered in the industry notice is a list of rules for COVID-19-related workers' comp issues, including that employers may not prevent a worker from reporting or filing a claim for any on-the-job injury, exposure, or illness, and they must provide an 801 form if a worker requests it.

WCD suggests that employers share this information with employees by posting in the workplace or sharing electronically.

For more information and to read the flier in Spanish and Russian, visit https://wcd.oregon.gov/COVID/Pages/index.aspx.