Take a Safety Break on May 11

Make plans now to promote worker safety and health—and possibly win a pizza party.

posted February 12, 2016

Any day is a good day for improving worker health and safety.

But Oregon OSHA sets aside one special day each year to shine a spotlight on workplace safety, and to encourage employers and employees across the state to work together to prevent injuries and promote health.

Safety Break for Oregon happens this year on Wednesday, May 11. Participation is voluntary. You can decide what activities are best for your business. Ideas include safety award ceremonies, special trainings, and contests.

To learn more and download free materials, visit the Safety Break for Oregon website. Sign up by May 4 and you'll be entered to win one of three $100 gift certificates for a company pizza party.

Why have a special day for safety?

Oregon OSHA started Safety Break for Oregon in 2003 in response to a spike in worker deaths the previous year. Raising awareness about safety issues helps ensure that more workers return home safely to their families. Healthy workers also are more productive and attentive, and have fewer absences and work-related accidents.

To learn what you can do to keep your employees healthy and safe, visit the wellness and health promotion page on our safety and health site.


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