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Your payroll report

SAIF updated the payroll report in December 2022 with a new look and a few changes on how your payroll is reported. Here is what you need to know to successfully report your payroll each reporting period:

Types of reporting

  • Premium reporting account – payroll reports are completed each reporting period and the premium amount due is invoiced on the first of the next month.

  • Installment account - installments (fixed payment amount) are made on a predetermined schedule throughout the policy period. At the end of the policy period, a single payroll report is completed, and actual payroll is submitted for the entire reporting period. If there is a premium difference, it is invoiced.

Reporting your payroll (premium reporting policies): 

Each reporting period you will receive your report to complete and submit by the 15th of the following month. Simply note the payroll you have in each payroll class. Note $0 if there is no payroll to report.

If you cannot report your payroll online, please submit it by mail.

Reporting online

Whenever possible, we encourage reporting your payroll online. Click “Report payroll” under Quick tools, or log into your SAIF account. If you cannot report your payroll online, you can mail your payroll report to SAIF. Your payroll report is due by the 15th of the next month after your reporting period. If you report online, you may choose to pay the premium at the same time, or an invoice will process on the first of the following month with a due date of the 25th of the same month. If you report by mail, you cannot pay at the same time.

Late reports and projected premium

If your report is not received by the last day of the month, SAIF will project the amount for the reporting period and invoice the amount on the first of the next month. If we receive your report after the premium is projected, we will reverse the projected premium and your next invoice will reflect the actual premium amount. 

How to find out if you have any outstanding payroll reports

When a report due date is missed, the next month’s invoice will have an announcement noting that your premium report was not filed on time and as a result, premium was projected. A copy of the missing report is included with the invoice on which the projection charge is placed. 

If you are not certain which report(s) is missing, click “Report payroll” under quick tools at the top of the page, or log into your SAIF account. 

Delinquency for missing reports

If your account has one or more outstanding payroll reports at reconciliation (end of the policy term), the renewal policy could be at risk for cancellation. 

Looking for a copy of your report or other documents?    

You can locate and print your payroll report and other policy documents when you log into your account at saif.com. 

  1. Under Quick tools, click "Report payroll." 
  2. Located on the left menu bar under Policyholder Portal, click Policy Documents. 
  3. Here you will see various policy documents such as payroll report, invoice, issuance contract, etc.  
  4. Click the green document icon to view selected document. 


For more information, including which wages to report, classification, and verifiable time records, visit saif.com/payroll.