Oregon workers' comp class codes

With 550 codes, it can be a challenge getting a payroll report accurate, and an accurate report can save companies money.

Why aren't class codes posted on saif.com? It's one of the most common requests we receive from employers and agents. But class codes are not posted on this website for a couple very good reasons.

Accurate reporting

At last count there were 550 different class codes. Many of them are similar to each other, but the distinction can be very important. For best results in payroll reporting, contact us. We can provide expert help if you're unsure about a class code, rather than try to decipher the codes yourself.

Accurate pricing

It's crucial that your payroll reports are accurate. Using the wrong class codes could cause your premium to be higher than it should be.

So please call us at 800.285.8525. That extra step, that short phone call, can save you some serious money.

In fact, that's exactly what happened recently to a Tigard company. After attending a SAIF training on payroll reporting, they contacted us to make sure their payroll report was accurate. It wasn't, and the class code changes we helped them make reduced their premium by over 10 percent, saving them more than $1,700.