Miscellaneous entities

Legal representatives of conservatorships, estates, receiverships, trusts, and interested parties in joint ventures

An interested party in any of these entities is not personally covered by the policy unless SAIF receives and accepts a written request for the interested party to be covered and names the person on a Sole Proprietors, Partners, Officers and Others Coverage Endorsement.

Download the Personal Coverage Application for Sole Proprietors, Nonsubject Partners or Nonsubject Limited Liability Company (LLC) Members form

Payroll reporting

For policies effective on or after January 1, 2022, interested parties who have elected coverage must report as follows:

  • Annual reportable payroll: $64,900

If your policy period is anything other than a full calendar year in length, multiply $177.81 by the number of days in the policy period. When the interested party is covered for a portion of a policy period, multiply $177.81 by the actual number of days of covered work during the policy period. Report the result for the interested party's coverage during the policy period.

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