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2023 Calendar: Crafted in Oregon

Celebrating Oregon products and the craftspeople that make them.

Oregonians swell with pride when talking about the best our state has to offer. Not just the beautiful outdoor destinations or the quality of life, but the products we create here, too.

For 2023, we celebrate the people who practice and master their craft to make these products come alive. People devoted to the process, always seeking improvements while honoring tradition.

These 12 businesses and organizations create goods that make Oregon feel like home.

From beloved foods to functional works of art, these products—and the workers who make them—reflect the character of their communities and help define a sense of place.

Join us as we celebrate this dedication and their pursuit of passion.

Learn more about the policyholders featured in this calendar at saif.com/stories.

To request a copy of our 2023 calendar, send us an email.