2022 Calendar: Join us in a toast for Oregon's restaurants

This year, we celebrate 12 Oregon restaurants, hailing from communities across the state.


We raise our glasses to Oregon’s restaurants.

During the pandemic, they’ve managed closures, staffing shortages, changing safety requirements, and supply chain issues. They’ve had extra steps that have complicated their operations. But they’ve done it all while keeping workers safe and their communities fed.

Sharing a meal, a cup of coffee, or celebrating milestones with friends and loved ones is something that we won’t soon take for granted.

These 12 restaurants, hailing from communities across the state, are resilient and passionate about what they do. One has been open for more than 80 years; another is just starting out. And all of them create a place for gathering.

A place to savor the food, the drinks, and the moment.

Find more about the policyholders featured at saif.com/stories.

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