2018 calendar: Redmond City Hall

Meet the SAIF policyholders who are helping to build a better—and safer—Oregon.

posted April 02, 2018

Redmond City Hall | Redmond

If high school sometimes felt like a small town—where the student body president was mayor, the vice principal was chief of police, and the popular kids ruled—step into Redmond’s new city hall.

Built in 1922 as Redmond Union High School, the iconic red brick building was abandoned for years before reopening in 2017. A $12 million remodel preserved many of the historic features, including a sweeping staircase, multipaned windows, original lighting, and chalkboards.

There’s even a nice lady at the front desk who can help you out with a tardy slip. …Or maybe your overdue traffic ticket.

To learn about all of the policyholders featured in our 2018 calendar, read the article or view the pdf.


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