2018 calendar: Pence/Kelly Concrete

Meet the SAIF policyholders who are helping to build a better—and safer—Oregon.

posted August 01, 2018

Pence/Kelly Concrete | Salem

When things get rocking at the University of Oregon's Knight Arena, it might be comforting to know what's holding the place up. That would be 30,000 cubic yards of structural concrete.

Pence/Kelly poured the concrete for the Ducks' stadium, as well as many other major projects around the Northwest, including schools, offices, the Portland airport, and—just to prove it isn't playing favorites—the Oregon State University Library.

Also comforting to know is Pence/Kelly's seven decades of construction experience and the fact that OSHA has recognized the Salem company as a model for worksite safety and health. Go team! 

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