2018 calendar: N.W. Crane Service

Meet the SAIF policyholders who are helping to build a better—and safer—Oregon

posted June 01, 2018

N.W. Crane Service | Hermiston

On a wind farm, spinning blades are generally a good thing. Unless you're a crane operator.

At N.W. Crane Service, working on wind turbines makes up about 70 percent of their business. But what's good for generating power isn't always good for lifting heavy turbine parts hundreds of feet into the air. Instability can cause even a 550-ton crane to tip over. That's why the crane has a wind indicator hooked to the boom—and an operator keeping a close eye on the weather.

When the wind speeds get too high, they call it a day, says Trent Nieffenegger, general manager. "Safety is number one."

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