2018 calendar: Green Hammer

Meet the SAIF policyholders who are helping to build a better—and safer—Oregon

posted June 22, 2018

Green Hammer | Portland and Ashland 

"Zero energy." Sounds like somebody needs a cup of coffee.

But when it comes to construction, zero energy (also known as "net-zero energy") means a building produces as much renewable energy as it consumes over a year, which is typically half the energy use of standard construction. Green Hammer specializes in designing and building net-zero energy homes and communities. A typical project includes super-insulation, triple-pane windows, advanced ventilation, solar panels, and non-toxic materials.

The goal is create durable buildings that are healthier for people and the planet, says owner Stephen Aiguier. Now that's something to get energized about.

To learn about all the policyholders featured in our 2018 calendar, read the article or view the PDF.


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