2018 calendar: Forest Grove High School

Meet the SAIF policyholders who are helping to build a better—and safer—Oregon

posted September 27, 2018

Forest Grove High School | Forest Grove

When Bianca Bermejo-Gonzalez graduated from high school in 2017, she had more than a diploma to show for it. She had the pride of knowing that she helped build a house—from the ground up.

Bermejo-Gonzalez was part of the Viking House project, a group of Forest Grove construction students who have built a house nearly every year since the program started in 1975. To qualify, they must complete prerequisites, pass a safety test, and commit to at least 200 hours of labor.

For many, the program offers a leg up into a lifelong vocation. For others, like Bermejo-Gonzalez, who is planning a career in child development, it was a great way to gain self-confidence—and some mad carpentry skills.

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