2018 calendar: Bostwick Construction & Millwork

Meet the SAIF policyholders who are helping to build a better—and safer—Oregon.

posted November 01, 2018

Bostwick Construction & Millwork | Medford, Oregon

As a cabinetmaker and custom home builder, Everett Bostwick didn't believe in cutting corners. He passed down that philosophy to his son, Matt, who continues the family's 55-year tradition of quality construction in southern Oregon.

While many builders begin as framers and work their way up to finish work, Matt Bostwick did it the other way around, starting in his father's cabinet shop at the age of 12. "Dad's philosophy was, if you're the guy installing the cabinetry, you appreciate it when things are plumb, level, and square."

That attention to detail has earned the company plenty of repeat business, including clients who grew up in Bostwick-built houses and now are buiding dream homes of their own.


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