HR resources for your business

Whether you have 10 employees or over 1,000, HR is a complicated part of your business. Below, Barran Liebman LLP attorney Chris Morgan has provided resources and trainings on a variety of HR topics, from recruiting to performance conversations to policy development.

Reopening during the pandemic

Learn about reopening your business during the pandemic in this webinar series. Topics include:

Key considerations for your reopening
I-9s, telecommuting policies, and accommodations
8 top employer questions, answered



Learn about avoiding bias, interview best practices, and how to mitigate risk



Decide whether you need an application and learn about verifiying applicant information



Conversational interviews and how to hire the best for your organization


Coaching and performance

Recognizing good performance, documentation, and constructive feedback

Following rules

Following rules and procedures

Reviewing and updating policies and setting expectations

Incident documentation

Incident documentation

Progressive discipline, considering termination, simplifying the message

Policy and handbook

Policy and handbook revisions

Reviewing often, getting employee signatures, and engaging employees

Working remotely

Working remotely

Comprehensive telework policies and setting expectations

social media

Social media in the workplace

Setting clear expectations and applying them consistently

Violence free workplace

Violence free workplace training

Training and policies on creating a safety plan and mitigating risks

Harassment policies

Workplace harassment policies

Identifying it, doing something about it, and improving the culture

I-9 compliance

I-9 compliance

Acceptable documentation, updating and verifying I-9s, and internal audits 


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