Agent University

Three online courses are available and include information on workers' comp, how to navigate saif.com (for example, finding policy information for your agency and policyholders), and how to submit an application to SAIF on saifQuote, with additional training on the workers' comp ACORD form. 

For questions regarding upcoming trainings or for technical help, please contact our training team at training@saif.com

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Agent University

  • Introduction to workers' compensation (First term)

    Learn what and who is covered, and why workers' comp is required. Ever wonder how your premium is calculated? This course covers that, too.

    10 minutes
  • Surfing SAIF online (First term)

    Rates? Payroll reporting? CCB? Here are the top 13 items you need to know and where you can find them on online. Complete with a downloadable list with live links. Who knew a "baker's dozen" could be so informative?

    13 minutes
  • Workers’ comp and the ACORD (First term)

    Find out how the ACORD form can help you streamline the application process in saifQuote. Then, take a backstage tour of saifQuote and get some tips from the pros.

    28 minutes
  • Class codes and VTRs (Second Term)

    Here are two ways you may be able to help a policyholder save money: choosing the proper class code and knowing when and how to use verifiable time records. This course teaches you more about both of these topics.

    16 minutes

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