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Tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about alcohol in the workplace and other safety topics.

Online Trainings

Total Worker Health®: Tobacco

Find out the many ways avoiding tobacco makes someone healthier and how to help employees change their tobacco behavior in this short training.

5 minutes

Tobacco-free workplaces

Tobacco is a leading cause of lost work time-more than alcohol abuse or family emergencies. Creating a tobacco free workplace can improve worker health and productivity.


Avoid tobacco
This guide provides employers with ideas for supporting a tobacco free workplace.

What does avoiding tobacco do for you? (8.5 x 11) (11 x 17)

Oregon's Indoor Clean Air Law (Oregon Health Authority)
Learn the requirements and find resources for providing a smoke-free and vape-free workplace.

Using Total Worker Health® Concepts to Enhance Workplace Tobacco Prevention and Control (NIOSH)

Quit tobacco your way  (Smokefree Oregon)
Free tools in English and Spanish for individuals and workplaces.

Tobacco use in the workplace – a model policy (Healthlinks)

Drug-free and alcohol-free workplaces

NIOSH confronts the opioid crisis (NIOSH)
NIOSH has developed this framework for workers and employers.

Making your workplace drug-free (SAMHSA) 

Testing for nonmedical substances of abuse in Oregon (Oregon Health Authority)

Marijuana in the workplace

Marijuana in the workplace
This document provides answers to frequently asked questions, along with summaries of relevant court cases. (Oregon Labor Law Center)

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