Here you’ll find resources to create a worksite that supports good nutrition, which helps lower the risk of injuries.

Online training


Total Worker Health®: Nutrition
Learn how to help workers make good food choices by creating a supportive work environment with this short training module.
Duration 5 minutes | Watch now



Promote healthy eating [PDF]
This guide provides employers with ways to support healthy eating in the workplace. 

Poster │ What does nutrition do for you? [PDF]
This poster provides an overview on the benefits of good nutrition. (8.5 x 11) (11 x 17)

What is good nutrition?

In this 15-minute video, Dr. Mike Evans tackles the question What's the best diet

The American Heart Association gives good information on how to eat smart, add color, move more, and be well.

MyPlate gives nutrition information along with hints and tips on how to make it happen.      

Food for employees

These resources will help employers make healthful choices about the food available in the workplace.

Healthy meetings

Find resources for healthy meetings including guidelines, one-page info sheets, reports, and a full toolkit on how to host healthy meetings. (Center for Science in the Public Interest) 

Food for sale

Exceed: The Tool for Using Healthy Food Service Guidelines includes information on the case for healthy food service guidelines; the history; current laws and policies to consider; and local, state, and federal examples of the guidelines in action. (Changelab Solutions)

If you have on-site vending machines, cafeterias, or sell food on-site to employees or customers, this comprehensive resource has everything you need.  (Center for Science in the Public Interest)    

Start the conversation

How does your environment influence health? Join the conversation at Place Matters Oregon.   

The video series, The Weight of the Nation, is an opportunity to watch, learn, and take action to prevent obesity. Includes a bonus short: How wellness programs can help the workforce.


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