Fatigue, sleep, and shift work

Getting adequate rest is critical to work safety and productivity. Browse these resources for information on managing fatigue and reducing risks.

Online training


Total Worker Health®: Fatigue
Learn how much getting enough sleep does for you and get tips that help employees prevent fatigue—and injuries—at work in this short training.
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Prevent fatigue [PDF] 
This guide provides employers with ways to prevent fatigue in the workplace. 

Fatigue bookmarks [PDF] [Spanish]
These bookmarks provide information on fatigue and driving and include instructions for printing and cutting your own bookmarks. 

Fatigue resources (NSC)
This National Safety Council resource outlines the risk of fatigue in the workplace and provides ways to support employees.

Healthy sleep

Poster │ What does getting good sleep do for you? [PDF]
This poster talks about how getting good sleep helps our bodies. (8.5 x 11) (11 x 17) [Spanish]

Videos, articles and free apps (American Academy of Sleep Medicine)
Find videos, articles, and free apps for adults and children. 

Tips to help you sleep better (American Academy of Sleep Medicine)

The National Healthy Sleep Project
This website provides lots of  sleep education resources, including infographics on topics like drowsy driving, snoring, and the treatment of sleep disorders.

Finding your sleep/wake rhythm (Harvard Medical School)
This interactive game from Harvard Public Health tests reaction times and answers the question "How Awake Are You?"

Shift work

Between night and day [PDF]
What's the difference between sleep deprivation and drunkenness? As this article reports, not much. 

Reducing risks associated with long work hours (NIOSH)
Designed for emergency responders, this 30-minute training is useful for anyone whose job requires long shifts. 

Plain language about shift work (NIOSH) [PDF]
This booklet suggests ways of coping with night work and shifting schedules.

Sleep and shift work (Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences)
Find links to additional resources, research, and sleep strategies.

Overtime and extended hours

Overtime and extended work shifts: Recent findings on illnesses, injuries, and health behaviors (NIOSH) [PDF]
This document summarizes scientific findings on the effects of overtime and extended work shifts on worker health and safety.

Drowsy driving

Signs you are too sleepy to drive [PDF]
If you experience any of these drowsy driving symptoms, it's time to pull over. (National Sleep Foundation)
Find information, news, and advocacy aimed at reducing fatigue-related crashes.


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