Adequate hydration (water) is important for joint health, staying alert, and being productive. All these things help keep employees safe. Explore these resources to help ensure your employees stay hydrated..

Online training


Total Worker Health®: Hydration
Explore the importance of proper hydration for workers and learn ways to encourage them to drink more water in this short training module.
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Keep in mind that all workplaces are required to provide adequate water. We also have a whole page of resources on heat/cold stress.

Use these resources to promote hydration at the worksite

Stay hydrated [PDF]
This guide provides employers with ideas for supporting workplace hydration. 

Poster | The benefits of water [PDF]
This colorful poster lists many of the benefits of water to our bodies. (8.5 x 11) (11 x 17)

Just add water

Get the facts on drinking water from the CDC.

Learn the importance of staying hydrated, and find additional resources and suggestions for how to do so. (American Heart Association) 

Eliminate sugar and reduce caffeine

Several studies support sugar's dehydrating effects. While caffeine does not cause dehydration, consuming too much can lead to other serious health issues.

This handout can be shared with employees to share the facts about caffeine and sugar.  [Spanish] PDF

The number one contributor of added sugar to the American diet is sugary drinks. How do your sugar-loaded drinks add up? Try out this sugar calculator.

This 50-second public service announcement is a great conversation starter for thinking about sugar in our drinks.

Get the facts on sugar-sweetened beverages from the CDC.


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