Serious injuries and fatalities (SIF)

Preventing serious injuries and fatalities requires a different approach. These resources will help you address them in your organization.

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about fatality reports and other safety topics.


If your organization has just experienced a serious injury or fatality, see our page on emergency procedures.

Grief at work
Steps your organization can take to support workers after a loss.

Preventing serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs)  (Spanish)

Fatality and serious event reduction worksheet

Serious injury and fatality (SIF) hazard review form  (Spanish)

Fatal 10 and red flag situations reference card
Help to identify SIF potential at your organization. 

SIF card definitions  (Spanish)
Provides information and resources.  

Leadership series
For information on learning teams, which can help you analyze and prevent events.

Serious injuries and fatalities (SIF) safety talk

Data and reports 

Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) reports (OHSU)    

Data reports for the construction industry (CPWR)

Construction Fatality Map (CPWR)    

Program strategies 

Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention (The Campbell Institute, National Safety Council)  

Work to Zero (National Safety Council)    

Hazards with SIF potential 

Distracted Driving (NHTSA)  

Contact with objects and equipment (National Safety Council)  

Fall prevention fact sheet (NIOSH)

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