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Lockout/tagout (Control of hazardous energy)

Employees working on a wide variety of machinery can be injured by the unexpected release of hazardous energy. The information on this page will help you identify the hazards and protect those who are at risk.

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about lockout/tagout, including:


Hazardous energy control template
This template for hazardous energy control should be reviewed and updated for your organization.

eTool: Lockout/tagout (OSHA) 
This interactive training program is divided into three components:
Tutorial, Hot Topics, and Case Studies 

Using lockout/tagout procedures to prevent injury and death during machine maintenance (NIOSH)
NIOSH recommendations on how to develop and implement a hazardous energy control program.  

Toolbox talk: lockout/tagout (CPWR) [Spanish]
Talking points for a short safety meeting.  

Hazard alert: lockout/tagout safety (CPWR) [Spanish]
Steps for implementing a lockout/tagout program.